Is My Event Finder Free?

YES! My Event Finder provides a free service, where you can list events for free, and view listed events for free too! Create your account by clicking here and begin listing your events with us today.

What exactly is a Promoter Account?

A promoter account is a free account which allows you to add unlimited events to our network of websites. Once you've created an account and logged in, you have the ability to manage your listed events, view generated statistical reports, download and view receipts and perform other maintenance all for free!

How do I add an event to your websites?

To add an event to one of our many websites, you need to create a promoter account. Once you have created an account, login and follow the links to add your events. Or you may add a single event without having to create an account.

One of my events is listed, and I didn't list it. How did this happen?

My Event Finder acquired a web site which listed craft fair events. The events from this site were transferred into our database and all relative events were setup to be displayed. It is highly likely that your event was at one point listed on the acquired site and transferred to ours. If you would like to make changes to this event, or would like to have the event removed, please contact us.

I only have one event and I really don't want to create an account

Even though creating a promoter account is strongly encouraged, you can list your event, with limitations, without creating a promoter account. To do so, fill out the required information here. We would still encourage you to take a few minutes and create a free promoter account to list your events, as it comes with many wonderful features all of which are free.

Listing an Event

While it is best to create a promoter's account to enter your events and take advantage of the many extra features offered to promoters, if you only have one or two events you are more than welcome to list your event with us without creating a Promoter Account.

Promoter Login